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Local tobacco takes a breath of fresh air
Bursa writes today about the government measures in order to increase local tobacco production; these measures are theoretically counteracted by the fiscal measures taken in the business. ...
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A new general manager with JTI Romania
Cigarette producer Japan Tobacco International (JTI) Romania, a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco, changed its management structure, the new General Manager and Vice-President of the company being Martin Southgate,...
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2.7m euros grant for tobacco producers
The government will allocate 2.67 million euros for the payment of financial aid to tobacco-producing farmers for the production delivered from the beginning of the year until April...
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New general manager at JTI
Tobacco producer JT International Romania announced that starting June 1, 2006 Martin Southgate has taken over as the new general manager and vice president of the company. Southgate...
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JTI Romania Borrows $21.5m From ING
Cigarette manufacturer JT International Romania will contract a 21.5 million-dollar (17.8 million-euro) loan from ING Bank this year, according to information published in the Official Gazette.
Minimum cigarette price to be set
The Ministry of Public Finances (MFP) is to establish the minimum price of cigarettes after discussions with Competition Council representatives, the MFP minister Sebastian Vladescu has stated. The latest version of the Fiscal Code modifications has established that the retail cigarette price established by producers will not be less than 90% of the price of the best sold brand. The Competition Council considers this rule to be anti -competitive. "There is a discussion going on between us and the Competition Council through which we will define the exact position of the parties," stated Vladescu.

40% of Cigarettes in Macedonia Smuggled
Smuggled cigarettes occupy 25% to 80% share from the markets of Southeastern European states, and 40% of the cigarettes at the Macedonian market had been imported illegally, a publication in today’s Romanian Gandul newspaper reads.

According to the edition, Albania ranks first in smuggled cigarettes with a share of 80%, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina with 47%, Macedonia – 40%, Bulgaria – 38%, Serbia and Montenegro – 37%, and Romania and Croatia – 24%.

Cigarettes in Romania Twice Cheaper than in Bulgaria
“A pack of cigarettes in Bulgaria costs EUR 2, while the average price of the same pack of cigarettes costs about EUR 1 here”, Romanian Minister of Public Finance Sebastian Vladescu said yesterday, cited by Adevarul newspaper.

Vladescu pointed out that next year the excise value on tobacco products in Romania will increase and cigarette prices will respectively rise. “We are trying to figure out the most optimal way to increase prices of cigarettes and at the same time to decrease contraband”.

FOCUS News Agency reminds:
Last week Romanian President Traian Basescu called for increase of cigarette prices in the country. “If we need money for healthcare, lets look at the excises on the products that cause diseases”, Basescu stated and proposed that cigarette prices in Romania reach the values of those in the EU in 2009, which is a year earlier than the contractual grace period. Basescu proposed that the means from the increased excise go straight for healthcare expenses.

Tobacco Manufacturer Gallaher Reports 12% Sales Increase in Romanian Market
British tobacco manufacturer Gallaher announced its sales in the Romanian cigarette market grew by 12.6 percent in the first half-year, ACT Media news agency reports.

The increase was due to the good results registered by Ronson and St. George cigarette brands, according to ACT Media reports.

Gallaher began manufacturing in Romania in a production facility located in the former cigarette factory of another tobacco producer, Papastratos.

The Romanian factory now works at full capacity, registering "volumes that have grown gradually over the last period," the company's officials said. This year, Gallaher Austria Tabak - the Romanian Branch has announced investments worth 4 million euros, meant to expand the company's market share to some 3-4 percent up from one percent by end-2005.

Gallaher brands in the local market include cigarettes St. George, LD, Ronson, Stateline and Memphis. The Romanian cigarette market is worth about one billion euros annually, being mainly covered by the companies British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and Philip Morris, which account for more than 90 percent of the market by value.


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